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About us

FirstBlood is a Switzerland Non-profit organization.

In Switzerland, a Non-profit organization should be registered only if it has commercial activity, and this activity can be made only to pursue the objective(s) of the organization.

FirstBlood has never sold its services.


FirstBlood was made originally in July 2015, the primary idea (v0) was to make a social network by gamers for gamers, but the original members were not very motivated by social networks, and are still not very interested in them today.

At the beginning of 2016, the website was simply recoded (v1) and left aside even though the association continued to provide support services for gaming projects. There was a social network using a CMS but not used by the members and a TeamSpeak server was opened freely for anyone.

In middle 2016, a new showcase Website was programmed (v2) to be more pleasant to navigate through, it was possible to download some goodies and use tools, but keeping offering the same services and platforms apart the social network which was terminated.

Starting 2017 we created a new Website (v3 & v3dev) to share streaming channels for some members, continuing to offers the same services to any gamers asking for our help but downloads was terminated, we created a Discord server and a wiki to explain the operation of the platforms we had.

Ending 2017 a new design (v4) was made up to be more user-friendly, and again with the same services, but this version was never uploaded.

Along 2018 a simple website (v4dev) was created to allow access to the wiki, by itself the wiki proposed services to gamers asking for help by mail. It was again left aside.

Ending 2018 to beggining 2020, a simple home page (v5) was uploaded to the server to keep online presence, services was not longer proposed, the platforms (TeamSpeak, Discord and Wiki) was terminated.

In middle 2020 to start of 2021, the website (v6) comeback to similar design of 2018 (v4dev) but for a simple page of links and no wiki.

Ending January 2021 this website (v7) offered tools, tips, tricks and hosting services.

September the 10th, 2022, a template was founded (v8) to do the same as v7 but more professionnal, we encountered many problems, these wich get worst by time to time. Problems about recursvity, consistency, taking to much time to do simple things, should be modular but not working as expected.

May the 8th, 2023 concept of a new system (v9) with options for teams (dev, stream, merchandising...) while offering a workshop by ourselves. We continue to support teams but we slow down hosting services, however we will continue to afford it for helping in managing teams.